Graceful Ascent


Ashes and colors swirl around each other, gracefully ascending to Heaven.

The colors are a reflection of the beauty of life, and the ashes a reminder of the impermanence of it all. As the colors and ashes intertwine, they create a stunning and powerful image. The colors become brighter, more vibrant, and more alive, while the ashes become lighter and more transparent. They dance in the air, spinning around each other in a graceful, ethereal duet.

The colors and ashes fill the air, creating a blanket of calming peace and tranquility. They seem to be whispering secrets to each other, secrets of life, death, and the beauty of it all. As the colors and ashes slowly ascend higher and higher, they create a mesmerizing display of light and heavenly beauty.


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white, red, orange, yellow, aqua, cobalt, purple, jewel mix, elements mix, seaside mix, green apple mix, fleeting beauty mix, cherry blossom mix, angel wings mix, purple rose mix