Cancer Awareness Jewelry & Art in Colorado

In 2008 my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She thrived through 15 months of treatments as I painted delightful scenes on her bald head. It was through this beautiful journey together that we discovered the healing power of art. I've shared a few more photos below & encourage you to read more about our story at

Pendants are created per order and will be very similar to the ones shown here.

Dichroic glass creates the shiny appearance and is available in a variety of other colors. If you are interested in having your pendant made with a different color, please contact glass artist, Tiffany Koehn, [email protected].​

Your pendant will be accompanied with a black satin cord. Length options are 16", 18", 20" and 24".

When Mom found out that she was going to lose her hair, she decided right away to have a little fun with it. We held a head shaving party out in the shop & a handful of us shaved our heads that day.

Her head was painted over 220 times while she was going through treatments. Some days it was all she had the strength to do just to walk out to the kitchen table & sit there for the painting. She certainly made the best of a bad situation & has been in remission for 9 years. We praise the Lord for that!